March 20, 2019                                                     

Join us on Wednesday for the EXIN Job Fair.

Indiana has so many amazing career opportunities for students to connect with. Whether you are an employer or you would like to represent your company and share career advice, we encourage you to attend this job fair.

Spaces will be provided for interviews, displays, and recruiting students.

Complimentary Chick-fil-a meal provided! 


Sponsoring opportunities available -

EXIN 2019 Job and Internship Fair (2).jpg


 March 21, 2019                                                

If you are an artist, musician, food vendor, entertainer, or represent an Indiana destination, this is the day for you to participate. This day will be a celebration of all the wonderful talents that Indiana has to offer. 

Indiana is home to many company headquarters, original Indiana-made products, unique recreational opportunities, jaw-dropping attractions, and thrilling destinations. Our state has a lot to offer, so come and join in this exhibition and promote Indiana-made opportunities.

We will have live music, food, vendors, free giveaways, and prizes. 


EXIN Celebrate IN 2019 Modifications.jpg